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About Camp Unity

Just 20 km from Vadodara, is a place so serene, so beautiful and so mesmerizing that it will leave a lasting impression on you. A place in the lap of Mother Nature with atmosphere so pure that it will be a trip to remember for you. Immerse yourself in the bosom of nature and enjoy the adventures with us!!! You will find peacocks roaming, birds singing and rabbits running!!!!  
A perfect spot to escape chaos of city life and a place where children can enjoy raw nature. Sleep under the carpet of twinkling gems and find Constellations you never saw in the city sky. Take a hike in vicinity of the camp and breathe air so pure that you will want to come back time and again.

Our Mission

Turning moments into memories for our guests.

Our Vision

Provide experiences that are authentically local in our Eatery and Glamping sites of unrivaled presence, with service that is truly engaging.

Our Goals

Provide warm, sincere, and engaging services that ensures guests feel valued,

Treat each and every guest as a unique individual.

Anticipate our guests needs with thoughtful and personal touches. Resolve guest problems and never saying no without offering an alternative,

We want our guest to be ambassadors for our Brands.

Our USP's

Our USP - Camp Unity


Our USP - Camp Unity


Our USP - Camp Unity


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5 lac +

Safety Code of Conducts

Guidence and Safety

All the rides, attractions and equipment are maintained to the highest standards. We also give special importance and care to cater the safety and welfare of the disabled The working system is made safe and efficient.
The guests and staff members are well informed about the risk involved in various activities and necessary steps are taken to avoid the mishaps. Preventive measure are identified and implemented to avoid probabilities that can affect the health and safety of employees.

General Guidelines

There is a likelihood that the activities can affect the guest or employee if lenient about the safety measures.

Safety awareness trainings are conducted regularly to maintain the sense of safety amongst the staff members.

A comprehensive Health and Safety Policy is made by the active contribution of the staff and the management.

No one is permitted for activities after consuming drugs or alcohol. Regular monitoring of the Safety Policy procedure in the resort has made things hazard proof.

To cater to the emergency, we have in house doctor, trauma care facility and also ambulance facility that is available on call (within 5 minutes).

To cater to the emergency, we have in house doctor, trauma care facility and also ambulance facility that is available on call (within 5 minutes)

Places to visit near Camp Unity

Hira Bhagol & Vadodari Bhagol at Dabhoi ( 8 kms )

Vadhavan Bird Sanctuary(18 Kms)

Nilkanth Dham Poicha (35 Kms)

Jambughoda Wildlife Santuary (50 Kms)

Statue of Unity ( 60 kms)

Champaner (70 Kms)

Our Ventures