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Rope Activites

Fun, Challenging, Family activity with blend of friendly appeal for all ages!! Our Activities exceed customer needs by addressing safety, capacity, training and expandability that the whole group experiences. One familiarises with the thrill of doing something out of comfort zone at own pace, and taking the endurance to the next level.

Adventure Activities

For The times when you need adrenaline rush. Camp Unity is just the perfect place to challenge your limits and participate in a host of fun and exciting sporting activities. Having a variety of options to choose from, the guests pick that suits them most for that perfect thrill factor.

Water Activities

Activities that beat the heat! Ah ha …. So cooling and indulgent in weather like ours! With such activities, not only the fun element is accomplished, the group have fun that takes them to the level that they can hardly explain.

Indoor Activities

For the times when you opt to be indoors for whatsoever reason, the rain, or the cold or the heat or sometimes for no reason, we have a great array of indoor fun for the whole family, group of friends or colleagues. Enjoying indoors has its own fun factor and comfort factor to enjoy.

Kids Zone

The kid zone is dedicated to keep the kids of the house happy and have a memorable holiday.Activities like
  • Jungle gym
  • Swings & More

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor adventure based activities tend to take you out of our familiar zone and serve to cut away the clutter in our normal behavior by making us more aware of it. No wonder this quick and enjoyable “fine tuning” of your personality makes you feel far more capable than before.