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Rope Activities

Fun, Challenging, Family activity with blend of friendly appeal for all ages!!

Our Adventure Activities exceed customer needs by addressing safety, capacity, training and expandability that the whole group experiences. One familiarises with the thrill of doing something out of comfort zone at own pace, and taking the endurance to the next level. These exciting and challenging obstacle activities high up on the trees will have all the family swinging, leaping, climbing and flying through the forest – allowing thrill seekers and nature enthusiasts to experience the trees like never before!

You can experience the magic of crossing the wire bridges that you might have seen swaying inside the remote forest but never tried. Harness yourself, walk among the trees and bushes, steady on those swinging cables, jump on to moving planks, nurture your risk taking abilities and trill safely to overcome the fear of heights.

You make a silent statement, “It was easy enough”. Good that you attempted and not just wished to attempt doing such activities-moving away from the safety of the ground on high ropes, Burma loop, Horizontal net, Burma Bridge, Swinging planks, net walk, plank bridge, parallel bars, sky walks, with harness of course!

It needs one to open minds and go beyond one’s limits to experience new possibilities with feels of thrills and accomplishment!

In rain, hail or shine, you can find us in Camp Unity always rejuvenating our guests!


The Activities are listed below :

Cave Runner

Hanging Ladder

Grip Hop Swinging

Mougli Walk

Flying Tyres

Ring Runner

Border Cross

Double Tyres

Swinging Planks

Swinging Poles